South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Before you begin:  
Several boards require the submission of a notarized affidavit along with the complaint. You must file a notarized affidavit if you wish to file a complaint with the following boards:
  • Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Dental Technicians
  • Surveyors
  • Residential Home Builders
Please click here to download a copy of the affidavit. Once you have completed the affidavit, including having it notarized by a notary, please continue with filing the complaint form by clicking the Licensee Lookup link below. You will later be prompted to a screen where you can either upload the affidavit or mail it to the Department.
The Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation cannot guarantee anonymity. If you wish to file a complaint anonymously, please do not submit the complaint electronically or include any personal information on the complaint form or in any supplemental documents. While the Department may accept an anonymous complaint, please note that if the complaint lacks sufficient information to support a statutory violation, the Department will not proceed. If you wish to proceed anonymously, you will need to print a copy of the Anonymous Complaint Form. Once completed you may submit by mail to:

South Carolina Dept of Labor, Licensing and Regulation
Attn: Complaints
P. O. Box 11329
Columbia, SC 29211

If you file a substandard care case anonymously, we will not be able to investigate the complaint because we will be unable to request the required patient record from the doctor.

If your complaint involves unpaid wages, please CLICK HERE to submit a complaint to Wages and Child Labor.

To begin the process of filing a complaint online, please use our Licensee Lookup and once the licensee is found, click the "File Complaint" link for that individual. If the person is not found or is not licensed by the State of South Carolina, please use our Unlicensed Complaint.